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Our commitment is to the environment
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Hoppecke: German industrial batteries
HOPPECKE has consolidated over the years as the largest European manufacturer of industrial batteries.
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Financial savings and greater efficiency
Odepresa Renting generates greater financial savings to companies, higher levels of efficiency, competitiveness and service.
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Operator of Ecological Products


Who we are

Odepresa is a company founded in 2011. Since then, we have been providing an efficient services portfolio to several of the most important south american companies, who can attest our operation.

Our main interest is in guaranteeing our clients competitive advantages around the issue of energy efficiency, that translate into significant savings supported by green technologies and processes that promote this aim.

Our name, OPERADORA DE PRODUCTOS ECOLÓGICOS S.A. ODEPRESA, is precisely the answer to this objective.

What we do

Our strategy is focused on finding real solutions for the efficient use of energy.

Our objective is to generate great economic benefits for our clients, directly linked to a favorable impact on the environment by developing greater technology, efficiency and ecology in its operation.

Our portfolio of services and products includes:

  • Renting + Battery fleet management for traction and starting applications (forklifts and cars).
  • Commercialization of batteries for traction applications, chargers and accessories.
  • Technical services for traction batteries.
  • Battery technical services for all types of hybrid or electric vehicle applications.
  • Commercialization and technical support of solar technologies for Home / Outdoors / Companies / Agriculture
  • Renting and sale of energy stations for power supply requirements.
  • Research and Development Laboratory for products, services and new applications.
  • Energy efficiency studies for forklift batteries and battery rooms.
  • Energy efficiency studies and projects based on the implementation of green technologies.

Some of our clients

“Unless we keep this planet healthy, everything else will be in vain” – V.P.

Efficient Traction Batteries

All our services aim to generate great economic benefits for our clients,
directly linked with a favorable impact on the environment


Inventories, analysis and current fleet status

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Preventive maintenance

Daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual

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Corrective maintenance

Parts replacement

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New HOPPECKE batteries

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HOPPECKE batteries

Unique German batteries in the market

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We double the actual life of batteries.

We develop an algorithm that allows an efficient recovery of charge memory increasing battery life.

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A sustainable idea

Odepresa contributes to the reduction of health and environmental risks by not sending toxic materials for final disposal in the short and medium term.

Know the process

Current issues in companies

The 8×3 cycle is not met

Preventive maintenance minimals are not met

Bad operating practices in general

  • Bumps, marks, filings, bent posts and bridges, burned material, fissures or cells with indications that they have been tried to open or repair.
  • Electrolyte leaks or lack of it, electrolyte contamination, use of non- demineralized water. Inflated cells.
  • Deep discharge of the battery (Discharge value less than 20% of total capacity of the battery).
  • Operation by a non certified third party.
  • Operation on equipment for which the battery was not designed.
  • Operation under different external conditions for which the battery was designed.
  • Exposure to excessive vibration.
  • Electrical failures of the equipment where the battery is mounted.


Operational and financial

Environmental impacts

It has been analyzed and concluded that in companies with a continuous operation of forklifts in shifts of 8 hours:

  • Life of batteries is in a range of 1.5 – 3 years, very different from the 4 years manufacturer assumption.
  • These batteries are dropped down to minimum percentages of efficiency that do not allow to sustain the 8 hours autonomy required by their work shift, becoming obsolete long before their useful life promise.
  • A large percentage of batteries become unusable long before they reach their minimum work shift efficiency (8hrs), as a result of short circuited cells due to poor maintenance and operation.
  • The costs generated by operation inefficiency, repairs or batteries spare parts are very high, affecting the budget and annual profits of the company.
  • The company must be partially or totally replacing its battery fleet every 3 years at most. A battery has an average value of $ 2,500 US (FOB). Replacing the battery fleet partially or totally every 3 years (or earlier in most cases) is a very significant item for the company’s profit and loss statement.
  • Overcosts generated by poor environmental practices or batteries final disposal are increased whenever there is a non expected issue with them.

More unusable batteries for any of the reasons described above, mean a greater volume of waste to be recycled over an increasingly tight time horizon, which means highs in alert rates due to:

  • Air pollution by toxic emissions.
  • Soil and water contamination by toxic spills.
  • Health alerts in the population for possible anomalies in the handling, transport and final disposal of these residues.
  • Increases in storage and informal recycling of toxic material parts, with all the risks that their improper handling entails.
  • Increases in the country´s toxic waste amounts for final disposal: even greater enviromental red alerts for the planet.

We should be working on reducing these risks, not increasing them.

Odepresa Renting generates very significant savings to companies, greater figures of efficiency, competitiveness and service, leading them to important worldwide standards and contributing with their status of Green Business Practices Companies.

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